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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Prog 2000 15/12/99

What happened? Have I accelerated into the future or something? This is prog 2000 already! It seems like only yesterday when I was reading prog 1173. Of course, what this really is is a celebration of the comic that for the last twenty three years has obsessed itself with the year 2000 and has at last reached it. A one hundred paged celebration that is the size of three regular progs and sits in the place of four. Personally, I would rather this existed in addition to rather than instead of four weeks worth of issues but that’s just me.

The thrill content is great. Dave Gibbons returns to Rogue Trooper and confirms that Tor Cyan is actually a descendant of the genetically enhanced infantryman. Mike McMahon draws the opening Judge Dredd. Johnny Alpha returns as Strontium Dog which might annoy some people that cried because his death all those years ago but personally speaking I’m happy to see him back. Kevin O’Neill draws the very final episode of Nemesis the Warlock. There are newer thrills in there too such as Sinister Dexter and Nikolai Dante, which unnervingly, don’t look out of place alongside their older colleagues. The oddest thrill is Alan Grant and Cam Kennedy’s tribute to Judge Dredd head writer John Wagner. In it, Dredd goes to arrest his co-creator but Wagner flies away in a bath, gets shot down and ends up as brain in a jar. I can’t help feeling that this is some coded comment on how Wagner feels about his relationship with the character but I’m just too thick to interpret it.

The whole package is inside this sexy cover drawn by Brian Bolland. Bolland draws a selection of 2000 AD characters hoisting up a flag atop a huge pile of British comics, all of which are no longer published. You could interpret this as 2000 AD having weathered the storm that otherwise saw the end of the British comic industry. Or you could see it as 2000 AD being partly responsible for its state at the time. I’ll let you decide.

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  • Prog 2000 is a beautiful, a beautiful thing. Thats all.

    By Blogger Colin, at 9:02 pm  

  • The cover is a remake of the original image which ocourred a day earlier and featured Hoagey, The Gronk, Starlord, Tornado, The big Ed, and G.B.H. hoisting up the flag.

    Burt took the original pic, but forgot to save it.



    By Blogger OrLoK, at 11:09 pm  

  • Hmmm . . . prog 2000 . . . It was ok, it wasn't as good as a classic annual.

    The new Stront annoyed me. I thought he should have stayed dead and I did not like the updates.

    Nemesis was a really lame ending. Torquemada should have won, that would have been a really shocking end.

    The rest was ok . . .maybe im jaded :P

    Having said that I am reading watchmen at the moment and it is absolutley amazing

    By Blogger Victor Resistor, at 11:51 pm  

  • Crikey,

    I like some manga, but 士瑋's comics are a bit too far fetched for me.

    Although they wear similar armour to our 2000ad feminine heroes.



    By Blogger OrLoK, at 4:11 am  

  • I remember getting this for nostagia reasons (I'd stopped being a regular some years before). The slog inspired me to re-read it recently.

    I thought Nemesis was crap, with bad art and a lame story. I hated McMahons art on Dredd, which seemed rushed & crude, and was nothing like the way he drew the classic strips.

    I quite liked the Rogue Trooper NuEarth bit, and I enjoyed the Glimmer Rats.

    Otherwise, it was all a bit flat for me. But I think I'd pretty much had enough by then...

    By Blogger Robert, at 10:30 am  

  • Colin, there are 2000 AD annuals that i find more beautiful, but yes, it is very attractive.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 8:47 pm  

  • Is that right, orLok? Tharg might have talked about that in the editorial but I skipped that bit.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 8:49 pm  

  • I agree with you re the annuals, Victor (see above) but not everything else. Nemesis finished fittingly but not spectacularly while i'm perfectly happy to see Johnny Alpha back.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 8:50 pm  

  • Hi Robert. I don't think it is as flat as successive end of year specials but it doesn't work as a stand alone because it runs wrap up of long runs and the start of new ones.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 8:52 pm  

  • I read this after many years away from the comic (peculiarly like the other Robert who has commented here - I nearly had deja vu).

    I remember there being some weird knock out tournament with every story battling it out for most powerful character (or something). I think Johnny Storm won, if memory serves, which I thought was ironic given that the character was dead.

    By Blogger Robert, at 8:19 pm  

  • Yes, Robert, that tournament is there. It feels a tad out of place in this high-end production. It's more like a filler from the annuals.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:50 pm  

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