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Friday, May 14, 2010

Prog 1188 12/04/00

Item: In Blood Cadets, Judge Dredd assesses another rookie, only this time it’s his own clone. Remember that story from years ago where Dredd teams up with a confused Mean Machine Angel to rescue some Justice Department babies from a felled ship in the Cursed Earth. Well, young Dredd is one of them now grown up. As this is the last prog of 2000 AD I’m reading for The Slog, it’s nice to see a story referenced that, when I first read it during the early eighties, gave me an adolescent rush.

Item: When I wrote about Missionary Man The Promised Land a couple of entries ago, I commented on how much better the story would be had we known more about the wider cast Preacher Cain is supposed to be helping. Well, in the final episode this prog, writer Gordon Rennie goes some way to rectifying that. We find out all about Josef Guzman as he gets an axe in the head, Mikhal Danr as a spear pierces his throat and Big Suh as he’s overwhelmed by mutants. Better late than never, that’s what I say.

Item: I’ve just noticed that David Bircham draws Slaine, the ancient Celtic warrior, wearing skin tight leather trousers. Don’t get me wrong, and I appreciate that these stories take place in a magical realm, but even skin tight leather trousers are probably beyond the capabilities of the tribal tailors of this time. Whatever next? Brainbiter being drawn to look like an electric guitar? He’s also wearing a pair of Bat Man styled leather forearm protectors which, although even more unlikely, look pretty cool.

Item: If there’s one thing I’ve learned from doing The Slog, it’s that there is absolutely no point trying to anticipate what’s going to happen in a John Smith scripted thrill. Take Pussyfoot 5 for example; you just have to accept that the bad guys are harvesting all of the creatures that hatched out of the infected passengers of a leisure space ship as weapons for an alien race. Just sit back and enjoy the crazy ideas and perfectly drawn bottoms.

Item: This is the last prog of 2000 AD that I have read for The Slog… EVER! I know, amazing, isn’t it? I can’t believe that it’s nearly all over. It feels a bit like the last day of term today. Anyway, please report back over the weekend for my farewell entry which, amongst other things, features news of how The Slog is continuing elsewhere and a message from an ex-Tharg.

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  • Ha what an apt cover to finish on. There's a final entry then huh, so I guess I should comment here like normal and leave any gushing praise until next time then... in that case...

    Pussyfoot 5 is one of those rariest of things a John Smith story I don't love, in fact I don't even like it. It just seemed so pointless and so un-John Smith... which might be the point? Who knows. And its meant to be Dredd Universe... I know it has degrees of seperation but really?

    I'll not end of a negative (better skip commenting on Secret Commonwealth then) and so I'll add how much I enjoyed The Promised Land.

    Well done that man and just hope the Slog hasn't put you off 2000ad for too long. There's much gold in them hills these days.

    By Blogger Colin, at 4:18 pm  

  • Even though, this isn't quite your last post, I'd though I'd jump the gun and say I'll miss your thoughts and comments on the progs.

    It's all been very interesting to see how you and the other posters viewed what I always believed to be MY 2000ad (as in the days before the net, I didn't know anyone who read it). Good stuff, indeed.

    anyhoo, back to the post..

    Even though I completed my slog just about the time I started posting random nonsense on this blog, I have very little memory of these last few issues you've reviewed.

    Glimmer rats, i remember.... but that's about it of these issues. odd.

    I think these years were my major down point with the comic.

    As Colin states, 2000ad does seem to be picking up again, and i find myself looking forward to new issues comming out.

    It still isn't the thing we remember from those halcyon days of yore, but it's not bad at all, and definitly beats the usual DC/Marvel Fare imho.



    By Blogger OrLoK, at 4:38 pm  

  • Paul,

    I don't think it's said enough but thanks for the effort you've put in undertaking this blog. I now understand why so many people did leave in droves even as the comic was improving.

    It's been great to go back down memory lane, and this blog has reminded me of stories I'd forgotten entirely about. Hopefully the next incarnation will be just as fun.

    As for the prog itself, I remember not being totally enamoured with Pussyfoot 5 at the time. i might well reread it now that it was printed as a supplement in a recent Megazine.


    By Blogger kennyevil, at 4:44 pm  

  • It's odd, I find myself saying to your past self "don't quit NOW, there's GOOD stuff coming" - and yet after a few years of not being that bothered by anything IN the prog (except Dredd & Nikolai Dante) I would only hang on for a little while longer myself.

    Glad I've returned in more recent times - I've had the fun of discovering a lot of the good stuff from my time away via back issues and trades, hope you have a similar experience yourself and thanks for the blog - it's always been fun to read, even if I disagree with you on things (no, *especially* when I disagree).

    Good luck post slog, Paul. And thanks for doing what I would never dare to.

    By Blogger Mike Gloady, at 6:32 pm  

  • Completely unrelated comment aside from being Mark Millar related.

    I bought that 'Kick Ass' trade today at the airport and for a change i think the film is better than the comic. The film worked better parodying superheroes more and bringing life to the characters. I wasn't too overly impressed with it to be honest. Never been a great fan of Mark Millar either.

    So who is the ex-Tharg message from? Diggle?
    wait don't tell me.. DB.

    i'll be there.

    be nice if everyone and i mean E V E R Y O N E will leave a comment. Too many silent readers in blogs.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:51 pm  

  • I reckon it's Bishop. He really did make his mark on 2000ad which can only be a good thing and he is a real talking point.

    I have also enjoyed the slog. I'm not a blog reader but you have provided me with a lot of entertainment over the last couple of years.

    I have never been to a comic con but I'm sure I will end up at one when I start publishing comics again and I will buy you that pint Dan Abnet cheated you out of!

    By Blogger Victor Resistor, at 10:29 pm  

  • i bet you a pound it's DB. Although, not my fave Tharg, it would be interesting to hear his side. interesting stuff indeed.



    By Blogger OrLoK, at 3:02 am  

  • David Bishop has been to this part of town before so I'll go with that guess. While he is certainly a controvesial Tharg I've said it before (here and elsewhere and before I knew he was hanging around this street corner) and I'll say it again for all his apparent mistakes he left the comic in a better place creatively than he found it.

    By Blogger Colin, at 9:15 am  

  • He did commission some of the worst stuff I have ever read in both the Meg and 2000ad though.

    I can see that a lot of it had an eye on generating media attention (esp in 2000ad, increasing sales, and appealing to trends to try to get new readers. Although really it was the creators who were responsible for handing in the chump like Space Girls and BLAIR1, but still, as the editor he should have kicked them into gear. I can only assume he thought the material good, and this bad tasete in what makes a good story is why I didn't like Bishop's tenure as editor!

    By Blogger Victor Resistor, at 10:09 am  

  • Gotta be Dave....must be he was pretty much on his way out by this point.

    I'm pretty sure someone will cover his final progs as editor....

    By Blogger David page, at 12:03 pm  

  • DB may have made some dodgy calls here and there, but he learnt from them and admits them freely (in TPO, on his own blog and anywhere else you might find him).

    Of course DB also commissioned (and put a great deal of work into) Nikolai Dante and THAT particular thrill would have been almost unrecognisable without his work. It's far from the only good thing to have emerged from his tenure either - he left the prog in a far stronger position when he left and that's got to be positive.

    By Blogger Mike Gloady, at 2:08 pm  

  • Well Paul, thats that eh? I've been commenting off and on since you were in the 500's and its been interesting to remember my impressions of 2000ad from when I was reading it and to reread some of the thrills again.

    As most people have said, I'd say the Tharg is DB, he's always seem more interested in revisiting his past and owning up to his failures as well as talk about his triumphs. As most have said, the 2000ad of prog 1188 is a much improved beast over where it was in the 900's.

    By Blogger Derek, at 2:21 pm  

  • Thanks everyone for your kind comments today and involving yourselves in my silly but enjoyable project. David Page is continueing The Slog in his blog (link in final entry) so see you all there, hopefully.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 11:35 am  

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