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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Prog 1166 20/10/99

It occurred to me recently that perhaps Sinister Dexter, or Downlode Tales as it’s now called, is more in tune with old school 2000 AD that I had previously given it credit. It’s not like one of those thrills that Titan Books kept in print in one form or other during the eighties and think of as a classic, it’s more like one of those forgotten thrills such as, well, I can’t think of one off the top of my head because they’re, by definition, hard to remember. Perhaps I expect a higher level of quality from it because it comes after the likes of Halo Jones, Zenith and Slaine The Horned God rather than before.

Currently, Sinister and Dexter are reunited after weeks of looking for Demi Octavo’s murderer in their own idiotic way. Dexter has been helping an ineffective police unit while Sinister has been shooting up the city with a bunch of guns for hire. What I want to know is why everybody cares so much? They all operate on the dodgy side of the law; you’d have thought that they would be used to seeing bosses getting knocked off by now.

Eventually, when the characters are reunited and they’re facing off against each other with their guns out (because they couldn’t just bump into each other in the supermarket or at a friend’s birthday party) and I’m a little embarrassed to say I found it a bit thrilling. I knew they weren’t going to shoot each other and that Dan Abnett was egging the pudding but I realised that as irritating as the characters and the logic of the strip can be sometimes I’ve grown to quite like it all. I can understand why people like it.

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