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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prog 1155 04/08/99

Item: Last prog saw the return of classic art robot Mike McMahon drawing an episode of Judge Dredd. Even though he’s produced very occasional work for The Megazine over the last decade, it must have been at least fifteen years since he drew anything for 2000 AD. His art continues to be amazing, although it might now look a little eccentric to newer readers unfamiliar with his work. Personally, I love it and if he’s back contributing regularly it almost makes all the tits, asses and sex issues of recent years worthwhile. Almost…

Item: Advertised on the back of last prog was the 2000 AD year 2000 diary. It seems an obvious idea so why limit the quantity to just 2000 copies? On the surface, the over reliance on the number 2000 looks like a missed opportunity to me. Except the diary retails for £29.99 which seems a little pricey to me. On top of that, the £29.99 doesn’t include the cost of post and packing. They’re charging an extra £3.25 for that. Which, if you think that eBay in 2010 won’t allow comic sellers to charge more than £2.75 for P&P is an amazing price for over ten years ago. I remember seeing the diary at comic conventions and thinking that it looked disappointing. But, you have to remember I was pretty much out of love with 2000 AD by that time.

Item: Sinister and Dexter are back, rotating as characters in Downlode Tales. Sinister has put together a team of professional assassins called the Whack Pack and is investigating the murder of Queenpin Demi Octavo while Dexter is helping the police to bring order to the city. He’s aiding a special unit called ‘DUR’. I don’t know what the U and R stand for but I’m pretty sure that the D stands for Downlode… or Dexter… or duh…

In this prog, Dexter opens up emotionally to Weld, telling her that he wants to bring peace to the city. He thought he could do this by killing people for money but that didn’t work so now he’s helping the police to see if that will do the job. It’s funny he should mention that because for a while, I thought I could bring peace to Milton Keynes by robbing Post Offices and kidnapping children. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. So now I do voluntary work for charity. Hopefully, that will contribute positively in some small way.

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  • I thought McMahons artwork from this time was dreadful, I figured he must have been taking the piss until I heard he was dead serious. He shouldn't have come back to the comic and left people with the good memories of the old stuff rather than the "child scrawling with a crayon drawings" of later years

    By Blogger Derek, at 9:03 am  

  • I think we disagree on this one, Derek.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:37 pm  

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