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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Prog 1124 16/12/98

Item: A 48 paged issue for Christmas might make the season feel a little more special except that, actually, it’s supposed to last us for two weeks. I guess this is where the long standing practise of the holiday break for 2000 AD starts. Really, I shouldn’t have any feelings on the matter given that I had stopped buying the comic by this time but if I were to be pushed well, every week missed for the comic is a shame.

Item: In Christmas Angel, Judge Dredd comes close to catching The Euthanasia Serial Killer. She’s the latest of Mega City criminals who reoccur in the thrill by managing to constantly avoid capture. I don’t know what you think but every time she reappears with her idiot husband there’s a part of my heart that sinks. I think, ‘this story’s only gonna be worthwhile if the get her this time’. They didn’t again on this occasion, which means she’s back soon for at least one more killing spree.

Item: Missionary Man’s latest story ends this prog with Apocrypha in which New Orleans burns to the ground and Texas City’s Deputy Chief Judge dies from a slow and painful revenge. It’s a shame I think that my feelings about the character’s 2000 AD run remain pretty much the same as when I last spoke about it. All the rhythms of the tale are well pitched but my ability to engage with it was compromised by the episodes I missed from The Megazine. I hope it returns for a new adventure just so I have another chance to get back on board.

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