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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prog 1108 19/08/98

According to the cover banner, this prog features a preview of the long awaited fourth team-up between Judge Dredd and Batman. Now, I don’t know about you, but my idea of a preview is something more substantial than a quarter-page sized ad for the comic. If this were a motivator for me to buy this prog, I would have been very disappointed.

In The Great Game, Nikolai Dante races across the Romanov galactic empire to track down the stolen Darkstar device, a weapon so deadly, so powerful it can destroy entire planets within minutes and, who knows, maybe even the solar system it’s a part of. Dante has become reacquainted with his estranged wife (who knew?) who, in this episode, dies in his arms as the planet starts to implode around them.

There’s a moral high ground that 2000 AD has always had over its American peers and that is its refusal to rest on its laurels. While Marvel and DC continually churn out comics starring characters created thirty-five, fifty, even seventy years ago, 2000 AD, despite its restricted space, insists on presenting its readers with new ideas and thrills. Had it curled up into a frightened commercial ball we would have had constant reinventions of Ro-Busters, Flesh and Zenith over the years and we wouldn’t have got something as excellent as Nikolai Dante. Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser have created a great contemporary thrill that has all of the imagination, excitement and emotional pull of strips all of us Squaxx think of as classics.

Fortunately, Tharg also recognises the attraction long running thrills such Slaine have. Since my comments about his prog long adventure in 1100, it’s as if the strip has reinvented itself as domesticated sword and sorcery. We’ve already seen Slaine brawl in a pub with some sea creatures, now, this prog, he and his wife are summoned to their son’s school because of his out of control behaviour. I’m interested to learn if upcoming stories see Slaine down the bookies or worrying about the gradual influx of people from other tribes to the local area.

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  • My favourite Slaine moment was when he got involved with online gambling and had to give the deeds to his hut to a dodgy russian sea devil.

    Really! Dante that good. Well . . . maybe I should seek this thrill out and give it a go.

    What was the fourth batman judge Dredd Team up? was it Cash-in on Gotham?

    By Blogger Victor Resistor, at 5:57 pm  

  • And 'The Great Game' had an absolutely wonderful villian in Valentine Romanov. Its a real classic in my eyes.

    Victor Dante really really is that good and still isn't at its Zenith... if you'll excuse the... is that a oun its not really it...

    By Blogger Colin, at 6:02 pm  

  • Nah the forth team up was Die laughing the one that should have been the second one!

    By Blogger David page, at 12:55 pm  

  • Oh. I read that one. It was awful. but then I think all the team ups were awful.

    By Blogger Victor Resistor, at 1:06 pm  

  • I'm really enjoyin Dante, Victor, although I did go into it with very low expectations :-)

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:49 pm  

  • Great bad guy, Colin, brilliantly drawn by Fraser.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:49 pm  

  • i would argue that Die Laughing is the fourth, David, but only because that's the order they were printed in.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:50 pm  

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