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Monday, March 22, 2010

Prog 1104 22/07/98

I’m surprised to see the return of Slaine so soon after his extended appearance in prog 1100. I thought all of the re-launch thrills were bedded in and, for a moment, I couldn’t work out which of them it had replaced. It turns out that Anderson PSI Division Lawless was just a two part story. I hadn’t even noticed it had finished.

In Lawless, a mysterious anarchist commits creative anti-authoritarian acts in Mega City One that manage to humiliate the Chief Judge. Despite her sympathy for the mysterious law-breaker, Lawless (that’s his codename) manages to escape and, well, that’s how the story ends. I imagine Anderson will return in the near future for a new run that picks up where this tiny one left off but then, I’m still waiting to hear more about all those kids that walked out of the city a couple of stories ago. It’s a shame it finished as soon it did as Lawless was drawn by Trevor Hairshine whose interpretation of Anderson I was really enjoying.

I know it’s only one episode in but Kai already feels like an improvement on recent other Slaine stories. Seeing a crew of sea creatures trying to fool Slaine and Ukko into thinking that they are normal humans was enough to make me feel that. At the moment I’m slightly confused as to how Slaine is back in his home era or how, after twenty years of training to become a druid, Kai looks no taller than a twelve year old but I’m hoping it will all be revealed as the story unfolds.

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  • Having read the slog I think the editor (let us call him Bish-OP), decided PAt Mills could only have one story and that it would be Slaine (hence why Finn is gone), and that it would a be semi permanent feature in the prog.

    So that is why he is here.

    As to whether it all made any sense I have no idea I had given up on 200ad here.

    I popped back for the robot war mega epic and the return of nemesis. Neither of which I enjoyed. :(

    By Blogger Victor Resistor, at 3:44 pm  

  • Pat Mills was only allowed one story? Amazing! Especially when you consider how many Vector 13s there have been.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:45 pm  

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