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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Prog 1101 01/07/98

There’s nothing quite like a re-launch prog except, increasingly these days, they’re less memorable. There’s a new procedure to the re-launch process that basically protracts the jumping on process to beyond a single week. Week one, as with prog 1100, runs an issue long solo story. Week two (this week), launches three new strips, a couple of them with extra long openers. Week three (which sometimes can leak into a fourth week), starts the remaining one or two thrills. Actually, it’s a nice little re-launch method. Well done, Tharg (let’s call him David Bishop).

I’m really looking forward to Judge Dredd Beyond the Call of Duty, which starts with a double episode and looks to be a sequel to The Pit. You can tell that it’s by the old masters John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra; the story starts so well. I’m also surprised to see the return of Mazeworld. When I last wrote about it here, I was convinced that the strip never returned. Hopefully this follow up goes someway to substantiating the world that Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson have created.

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  • I remember reading the end of Mazeworld (I'm not sure where) and thinking ... oh dear, I think I wrote this end when I was 4. I will not spoil it for you, maybe you have to read the whole thing to really enjoy the end.

    Wagner and Ezquerra are always a safe bet.

    I think the new releaunch method really highlights how the later strips work better in larger chunks (and often work much better when read in one sitting). This is a move towards the more american style of spinning stories out and awaay from the 5 page -resolution, plot, threat, cliffhanger - method of the old British strip. I like the Brit style more even if it does mean less soeap opera

    By Blogger Victor Resistor, at 8:40 pm  

  • You've got this one and then another Mazeworld 'book' before its finished and all should fit into the Slog (up to 1183 right?).

    While I enjoy the slightly more leisurely openings the reduced number of strips provides at a relaunch Prog I do miss the five strips when double length episodes are used to pad out the roster at other times.

    By Blogger Colin, at 9:08 pm  

  • And if I'd just look to the right I'd have answered my own question 1188... I'll go and hang my head in shame in the corner over there.

    By Blogger Colin, at 9:09 pm  

  • I thik 2000 AD might even have started that practice of writing for the colelction before Marvel and DC , Victor.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:44 pm  

  • Thanks Colin. It's nice to know that I'm going to get all of the Mazeworlds in before the end, even if I'm still unsure about it.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:47 pm  

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