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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Prog 1095 20/05/98

Another enjoyable Judge Dredd story finishes this prog. In Down on Sausage Tree Farm, Dredd encounters a feud between Cursed Earth meat farmers and local mutants. The farmers have redirected the only water nearby from the mutant settlement and have decided that their retaliations are all the justification they need to slaughter them. It’s one of those stories where despite normally sentencing litterbugs to cube time you know Dredd will do the right thing on this occasion.

Down on Sausage Tree Farm is slightly reminiscent of an old ABC Warriors story in places. The one where Martian farmers grow strawberry flavoured meat on artificial cow frames. The Sinister Dexter story, Mother Lode and the Red Admiral, which also concludes this prog, reminds me of those Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog tales where the hero assembles a team of likable misfits and losers for a special mission. In the case of Sinister Dexter, it’s to lead an assault on the Zanya-Peshdin Nuke Plant where the Red Admiral is holed up and holding the city to ransom. As you know, normally it’s not hard for me to find something irritating in the most enjoyable of Sinister Dexter stories but on this occasion, I couldn’t. I liked it so much that I didn’t even try.

The problem with Missionary Man Mardi Gras for me is there are a bunch earlier stories that appeared in The Megazine that I haven’t read. So, I don’t really know how Missionary Man got to be the sheriff of New Orleans and I don’t fully appreciate why Texas City Justice Department hates him so much. However, there’s no denying that there’s something about an individual of unshakable principle standing up against the apparently overwhelming forces of corruption that is fundamentally core 2000 AD. It grabs you right there; by the gut.

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  • yeah that can be a pain in the ass especially how good those stories are....

    thank god a collected MM is a serious possibility now

    By Blogger David page, at 6:18 pm  

  • While I agree having missed chunks of the story means that you feel dropped into the story a little, as you go on to say there's more than enough there to pull you straight in... so basically I'm agreeing with you entirely aren't I.

    Yeah I'm really looking forward to the Missionary Man collection. He has so much about him that makes me a classic 2000ad character.

    By Blogger Colin, at 8:31 pm  

  • Hilarious typo, there, Colin!

    I ahve to say, whe I first encountered him I couldn't stand Missionary Man - he seemed to be one of those characters who can wade inot any given situation and win just by shooting a big gun and being hard, rather than outwitting his opponents as Dredd or Alpha might.

    Whilst that never really changed, I grew to appreciate the character more. It's never really stated, but I decided that he is so hard becuase his faith makes him God's unkillable instrument of justice, or something.

    By Blogger alexf, at 11:37 am  

  • I might watch for that, David, if I ever recover from The Slog.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 8:29 pm  

  • Yeah, I think I was just saying that getting into the MM story was slowed down for me a tad, but I enjoyed it just the same, Colin.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 8:30 pm  

  • I think that faith of MM's is what i like about the character, Alex.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 8:31 pm  

  • That's not a typo that's pure ego!

    By Blogger Colin, at 10:05 pm  

  • MM was hated by the Texas Judges because he used to be one of them. Indeed, he used to be one of their top enforcers. Then he Got Religion and took the long walk.

    By Blogger Drhoz, at 12:55 pm  

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