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Monday, March 15, 2010

Prog 1091 22/04/98

The good; I like that Missionary Man is now appearing in 2000 AD from this prog instead of in The Megazine. I suppose this is because of budgetary cut backs and The Megazine running mainly reprints at this time. Missionary Man is one of the few Megazine strips that I liked and I was missing it a little.

The bad; I suppose that it’s also down to budgetary constraints that the back of each prog now reproduces the artwork to the next issue’s cover. This is a practice that The Megazine engaged in that I never liked. When I walk into the shop to buy my comic, I like to be surprised by the cover, not thinking that it’s last week’s prog racked the wrong way ‘round. Surely, it doesn’t take much to knock up a ‘coming next prog’ page that maintains that cheap newsagent thrill I like so much.

The status page that preludes the appearance of Missionary Man features artwork by Duncan Fegrado. It’s lovely looking artwork that, in two progs time, is also used on the cover. Surely Tharg, let’s call him David Bishop (actually, is it still Bishop at this time?), could have used artwork from The Megazine that many Squaxx might not have seen.

The ugly; Ms L Tomlinson writes to comment on how few clothes Durham Red wears in comparison with the male characters in her adventures. Tharg doesn’t seem surprised like I am that 2000 AD has any female readers left anymore after all the arse, tits and old-boyism that’s been taking place here recently. Typically, Tharg misses the point of her letter entirely and responds by pointing out that when Red visited an ice planet once she wore a very big coat. Grud help us all.

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  • It still is him at this time although it is round about this time that Andy diggle was employed...

    all in all bishop lasted until a few issues after prog 2000

    Also missionary man worked better in the prog than in the meg in my opinion

    By Blogger David page, at 6:13 pm  

  • Another couple of years then. Cheers, David.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:18 pm  

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