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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Prog 1087 25/03/98

I’m finding what colour Finnegan Sinister is supposed to be increasingly baffling. S B Davis established him as this pale, unhealthy light blue, along with several other characters, a while ago. However, during the recent Taking the Mick story (the title of which should probably be the subject of several Slog entries in its own right), Steve Yeowell coloured him in a normal fleshy white colour. Sinister looked so healthy that I nearly didn’t recognise him. And yet, just to confuse things more, Queenpin Demi Octavo pops up wearing the same pale blue skin Davis paints her in. In this prog’s story, he’s back to the blue skin and Albert Tatlock tipped nose look again. It’s all very, very confusing to me, that’s all.

In this prog’s Sinister Dexter story Hand Maid in Downlode, the boys are hired to protect a highly sexified robot lady, otherwise referred to as a ‘simulacrum’. Everyone is falling in love with her including Sinister and Dexter and she wants to be de-sexified. Here’s something you might like to try, robot lady; put some clothes on, that might help.

Sinister Dexter is a favourite of Tharg’s at the moment having appeared pretty much continuously in 2000 AD for months now and even, more recently, frequently being awarded double and, on one occasion, triple length stories. Personally, I continue to find the strip both enjoyable and irritating but having said that, Hand Maid in Downlode is a favourite so far. The friendship between the two main characters and the usually flexible code that they are supposed to work to is at its most convincing here. Having said that, the robot lady walking around dressed like that and moaning about everybody fancying her really irritated me.

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  • Yeah the Simon Davis did for the longest time stubbornly stuck to this white face, dark eyes, long hair Sinister, even after he'd his hair cut for over a year some time after Slog will finish. The trouble is he kinda defined the characters so its hard not to take his look as a definative take even though I've always suspected (with no evidence) that it was an over interrupation of a description in the script? Who knows.

    Dan Abnett says he has a story he'll get to one day explaining this look. I'd love to read it.

    By Blogger Colin, at 8:41 pm  

  • You Abnett hasn't written that story yet?!

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:38 pm  

  • Meh, I've always disliked Simon Davis's painting and usually avoided any strip he did like the plague.

    By Blogger Derek, at 2:47 pm  

  • He has a striking style, I know, but I'm all right with his work.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:46 pm  

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