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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Prog 1083 24/02/98

Item: Take a look at this prog’s cover; Gives the impression that the men in black characters from Vector 13 are returning to their mother-ship never to return with their stale stories of conspiracies and aliens, doesn’t it. Unfortunately, inside, it’s business as usual suggesting that, even though this is the final story in the current series, Vector 13 is likely to return.

Item: The great thing about performing The Slog at this time is reading John Wagner scripted Judge Dredd stories that I’ve never encountered before. This prog sees the conclusion of Missing, in which Dredd is missing and presumed probably dead by justice department. Only a small team of characters from The Pit story are looking for him but the Chief Judge has given them a tight deadline. In fact, Dredd is imprisoned along with other exceptional citizens of Mega City One all of whom are the prisoners of a mad art collector called Cronix.

Missing reminds me of an old Avengers story from the seventies in which a super villain called The Collector gradually abducts members of the team over a period of issues for his collection of superheroes. It’s hard to imagine Wagner ever having encountered that story, however. Also, all those people communicating from cell to cell made me think of his short lived DC comic, Chain Gang War. If you’ve never read it, then a recommend keeping an eye out for it on eBay, I really liked it at the time.

Item: The Input page has started running a ‘Quote of the week’ feature in which a famous phrase appears and you need to guess where it’s from. It’s not a competition, it’s just for fun. Last week’s quote, “My vote is outer space. No way these are local boys” is revealed in this prog to be from the movie Tremors. That’s right, Tremors; that all-time classic sci-fi movie.

I should read the letters page more often. In response to a letter from Eammonn Lynskey, Tharg reveals that the Judge Dredd story In the Year 2120 was co-written by Alan Grant. That explains the overall vague Anderson PSI Division vibe to it. If Wagner and Grant co-wrote this story as Tharg claims, then I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they used a different method to the one they did when they worked together back in the eighties.

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  • Aside from a one off which smelt of "from the big pile of crap we need to print as its paid for" in prog 1117 this WAS it for vector 13

    By Blogger David page, at 7:21 pm  

  • When charging through these Prog recently you can't believe how chuffed I was when I saw via 'Barney' that Vector 13 was essentially over. Ok there is one to go but thats a distraction rather than the drag its been of late (well since it started mostly). I've said it before and no doubt I'll say it again its such a limiting format that I'm amazed it was ever seen as a potential replacement replacement of Future Shocks, let alone a focal point for the comic as a whole.

    By Blogger Colin, at 8:28 pm  

  • Hooray! Thanmks, David.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:41 pm  

  • Like I say, Colin, they are very dry and often plodding.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:42 pm  

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