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Thursday, February 04, 2010

There's No Time Like The Present part 11

Normal Slog service is interrupted today to make you aware the latest issue of my comic, There’s No Time Like The Present. TNTLTP is my long comic strip or ‘graphic novel’ written, drawn and published entirely by me. The latest issue is Part 11, costs £2.50 and, if you order it from my website here, that includes the price of postage to any UK destination.

Although I’ve always known the overall story, I have usually written and drawn There’s No Time Like The Present a scene at a time. However, because of the way it concludes, I recently wrote it up until the very end and I can now confirm that the final issue of the series will be Part 13.

If you’re curious about TNTLTP, then the opening pages can be read online for free starting
here. Also, all previous issues have been kept in print and can be ordered from my shop here.

Thanks for your time. Normal half arsed Slog service returns next entry.



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