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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prog 1019 26/11/96

Although Rogue Trooper has improved a lot since the arrival of writer Steve White, it still wasn’t entirely to my taste due mainly to the over use of techno and militaristic babble. Recently, the use of jargon has been stripped back perhaps thanks, in part, to the arrival of co-writer Dan Abnett, although these changes occurred before his credit.

Another improvement has been the refocusing the enemy to religious extremists, The Karvanu. For such a substantial force for bad, they seem to have arrived from nowhere, but it’s a lack of foreshadowing I’m happy to overlook. I’m also pleased to have a break from the bio-chips. I talked here during the first half of the character’s re-invention about how they were an essential part of Rogue Trooper’s mythology but some time after their return I started to realise that I found their voices and over animated faces irritating. Hopefully, when they return again they will have calmed down a bit.

I’m not sure that I’ve bought into the re-branding of the strip as Rogue Troopers with-an-‘s’ just because Venus Bluegenes is in it a lot these days. Greg Staples draws the episodes starring just her and, like I said recently, his work is very strong. The Friday episodes are by Alex Ronald whose art has improved a lot since those episodes of Judge Dredd The Pit he drew. He’s drawing a more diverse range of character types and backgrounds here. Some panels look a little forced but, overall, it’s pretty good.

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  • Arh the Alex Ronald development begins. Stay tuned he gets better and better (well I know this isn't a universal opinion but hey I love his stuff).

    As for the Diggle vs. Bishop debate I simply don't know who more responsible as I don't have the insight. At the end of the day however the comic is better when he left as editor than when he started. Whether this is because he hired Diggle and was prepared to listen to him, or due to his own ideas (and a bit of luck getting Dante and Sinister Dexter as foundations to build upon) we can only speculate.

    By Blogger Colin, at 9:04 am  

  • Dante and Sin Dex were already in development/done when BisOP took over (according to Thrill Power Ovearload) he almost cancelled sin dex as he didn't think Abnet was that good. Dante he extende the run (bu then Fraiser and Morrisson were his 'pals' from the megazine).

    I was never a fan of Ronald however his stuff on lawman of the future was a lot better. I just wish he could have drawn some lips and open mouths

    By Blogger Victor Resistor, at 9:22 am  

  • BishOP may have inherited Dante and Sin/Dex but he was also smart enough to recognise a truly good thing when he saw it, hence Sin/Dex's semi permanent residence and Dante's appearance in half of the first 150 progs following his debut. He may not have commissioned those strips but he supported them incredibly well and probably convinced a few of the more fatigued readers to stick around.

    Loved Staples' artwork on this series and I thought the Karvanu made for some truly excellent villains. It's a shame that Friday and Venus were sent off, never to return after this story was finished.


    By Blogger kennyevil, at 1:20 pm  

  • Colin, he's still a way to go.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:48 pm  

  • Oh yeah, you're right, Victor - He doesn't draw lips.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:49 pm  

  • Spoilers, Chris! :-)

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:50 pm  

  • Err, i mean or do they?

    Heh heh, smooooth


    By Blogger kennyevil, at 6:31 pm  

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