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Friday, January 22, 2010

Prog 1013 15/10/96

In Rogue Trooper Rogue Alone, Friday has been running around the jungle without his bio-chip buddies trying not to be found by Karvanu troops. It’s been good fun watching him survive by his wits. Kudos to Steve White for choreographing it all so well. I’ve mentioned before that I normally find the current Rogue Trooper jargon and tech heavy so it’s great seeing him getting his hands dirty. It’s pleasing to see Callum Alexander Watt providing the artwork on a character that we’re more familiar with after first seeing him on RAM Raiders. He draws Rogue Trooper all shiny and muscley and clean. His work must be good if I’m willing to say that online.

Meanwhile, Outlaw concludes this prog and it really is as stupid as I first thought it was. The story ends with Outlaw keeping his title in the Deadliest Man Alive Contest only for the heads of the company who run it to kill his daughter and leave him for dead anyway. So although we now totally understand Outlaw’s motives for any future revenge he might decide to enact we do not for these company heads for who, earlier, it was really important that he defend his title but suddenly it isn’t in any future contests.

If I were to learn that Outlaw was created by an eight year old Blue Peter competition winner and then given to writer Paul Neal to make sense of then I wouldn’t be surprised. Instead, thanks to the feature a few progs back that I mentioned before, it looks like it might have been made up by current Tharg, David Bishop. On the positive side, however, the art has been relentless good. I want to give a special mention to Tom Carney and David Millgate whose episodes I enjoyed looking at especially.

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  • Yeah Outlaw was just so, well pointless I guess. The concept was utter unoriginal, but then that's not exactly a crime in 2000ad, after all the Galaxies Greatest has so often before taken popular concepts and screwed them up, twisted them and let them run riot to rough up their more shiney mainstream inspirations.

    Outlaw alas doesn't do that. It ideally toys with the classic gun man concept, feebly claws at a revenge thriller and leaves a mauled mess in front of the reader hoping that the battered bloody corpse its left at your feet will make you happy.

    In my case it didn't I just wanted the whole thing scooped up and put in the bin.

    By Blogger Colin, at 6:26 pm  

  • I think this was one of the stories which convinced me to give up on 2000ad until 2002

    By Blogger David page, at 11:49 am  

  • Colin, it feels like a comic strip concieved for 2000 AD by somebody ho doesn't understand it.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 7:58 pm  

  • David, it had a big erosive affect on me at the time.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 7:58 pm  

  • This cover kinda annoyed me as it looked like he has a hairbrush moustache like Pa Broon or even worse... a scandinavian metal fan. Nothing wrong with that, Scandinavians but it's hardly AD like.

    outlaw was rather pointless, it just existed for some reason and to put it on the prog 1000 poster. Well....

    we had jungle strike or whatever it was called...

    By Blogger Rhinocerouslip Bumcrack, at 6:12 pm  

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