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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prog 1011 01/10/96

In addition to Vector 13, Sinister Dexter and Outlaw, another thrill Tharg is working hard to make a success is Black Light. Black Light are a small, modern day, black ops team tasked with exposing corrupt goings on within the government, military etc, who report directly to the American President himself. Already they’ve stopped his assignation in the UK (that would have been embarrassing for us, wouldn’t it) and a super soldier programme. Currently, in Pandora’s Box, the team are trying to crack a ring of nuke smugglers.

The art for Black Light has been consistently good. Steve Yeowell, with colourist in residence Steve Craddock, is currently producing Pandora’s Box, and this is after we’ve already had Lee Sullivan and John Burns on previous adventures. The writing team Dan Abnett and Steve White are producing solid and concise stories of espionage and intrigue. The thrill, however, feels to me like it’s missing something. Judge Dredd is about a future law man but with more to it and Slaine is a sword and sorcery strip with more to it, Black Light is what it is and nothing more. The characters seem undefined. The leader, Emma Price, is a pretty woman with a cute facial scar, while other team members include a bloke with glasses and a black woman. Apart from their visual differences, none of them have their own voice or personality.

What makes Black Light notable is the appearance twice so far of one of Vector 13’s Men in Black characters. It’s not just the Marvel fan boy inside me that is a little thrilled by this cross over, it’s also the memory it triggers of me reading this first time around and thinking that there was a wider story arc for these characters and strips that will eventually be resolved. I don’t remember that ever happening.

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