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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Prog 971 22/12/95

Finishing this prog is ABC Warriors Hellbringer II. Joe Pineapples does a fancy bit of shooting which results in the chaos, I’m sorry, khaos embracing planet of Lo-Braseel being saved. It ends with a big three year long party for which Ro-Jaws turns up.

It’s not really an adequate synopsis of the story, is it? That’s because I’ve not really been as into it as perhaps I was earlier ABC Warriors adventures. The characters have gradually become crueler, more sadistic and less likable over the years. I don’t like the smug tone with which Pat Mills and Tony Skinner seem to write the thrill together and I don’t like the big, square head Kevin Walker paints Hammerstein with. He looks likes an even more deformed Jay Leno. Most of all, I don’t like seeing Ro-Jaws relegated to the role of party going team acquaintance who pops up for only a panel at the end of each adventure when he should be a full time member as far as I’m concerned.

Perhaps the ABC Warriors represents in microform what has happened to 2000 AD for me. They’ve both changed and become different things. They’re no longer what I thought they were anymore, no longer meant for me.

The good news is that Judge Dredd The Pit has started. I remember loving this first time around. It’s really important when you’re engaged in a project like The Slog to have something to look forward to and The Pit is one of the last of those. Three cheers for The Pit!

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  • "He looks likes an even more deformed Jay Leno."


    As for the Pit I'd all but stopped reading 2000ad when this first appeared having read it recently for the first time it's so good it might have kept me reading if I'd keep up with it.

    By Blogger Colin, at 8:28 pm  

  • The oit is, I remember, great. Happy Christmas, mate.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 1:54 pm  

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