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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Prog 969 08/12/95

In Supersurf 13, Chopper goes to Mega City Two recently rebuilt by Hondo-Cit after it was nuked to a cinder only last year during Judgement Day by a trigger happy Judge Dredd. And I thought they knocked houses up fast in Milton Keynes. Written by Alan McKenzie, the story serves as a reminder to both the character’s charm and why there hasn’t been a new Chopper story for several years. His appeal seems to limit to him just taking part in competition sky-surfing. The big pull of the thrill is, however, John Higgins’ art, which is superb here; Colourful, bright, detailed and expressive. Like I say, McKenzie is a great artist’s writer.

Meanwhile, over in Judge Dredd The Man Who Broke The Law, all the judges in Sector 28 have gone futsie. They’re having one big blow out before, well, what I don’t know. They’re copping off with each other and projecting juvenile messages into the moon’s surface such as ‘Judge Dredd wears a bra.’

Steve Yeowell’s art here is a return to form, as if his recent run on Maniac 5 was done in a hurry. Mark Millar writes a great little pop story, bristling with notions before it’s wrapped up and doesn’t out stay its welcome. I still feel that Millar gives good Dredd and thinking, mistakenly, that John Wagner wished to vacate the character and his world at this time, felt that he was an ideal replacement.

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  • My thoughts on this from the 2000ad Forum.

    "Not much point saying too much about this that hasn't been said, pointless and silly. The reason however I want to mention it was how disappointing John Higgins art is, or rather the colouring there of. On the few pages of higher quality paper you seem to get randomly at this time it looked a little better but generally it looked terrible."

    the whole thing just looked murky. Not sure how much the reproduction played into this?

    As someone else said on the 2000ad Forum Steve Yeowell can do no wrong.

    By Blogger Colin, at 4:56 pm  

  • I guess we disagree ober Higgins' art on this one, Colin. Yeowell is good.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 7:28 pm  

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