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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Prog 964 03/11/95

There’s nothing quite like a re-launch prog and this one manages to be memorable by being relatively low key. I suppose being the first re-launch after the Judge Dredd movie’s release would make the most spectacular jump on prog seem underwhelming. Still, great cover by John Higgins, even if Rogue Trooper looks a little crazy in the coconut and it’s disfigured by that thuggish logo.

Inside, five new thrills start. Rogue Trooper returns in a story called Descent which follows on from the story before last. It’s a bit of a relief actually because I wasn’t entirely sure who had survived and who hadn’t and the last tale confused me by ignoring the death of the original Rogue and the rest altogether.

Other new thrills are the long awaited return of Chopper, ABC Warriors in Hellbringer II and brand new strip, Parasites. Highlight of the prog is Judge Dredd in Dead Simple, another entertaining one off written by John Wagner in which Dredd guards against an assassination attempt on Ken, spokesperson for Simp Pride. The strip is drawn by the excellent Cliff Robinson who has pretty much developed his own style by now, even if descended from Brian Bolland’s. Robinson’s a bit of an enigma to me. His work appears only very occasionally and it leaves me wondering if he is either very slow or has another job and only draws comics in his spare time. An amazing thought considering how many artists would give their non-drawing arms for a pop at Dredd.

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