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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prog 963 27/10/95

In Luke Kirby The Old Straight Track, Luke has been walking across the country with Zeke, a magician who knows all of Britain’s secret walkways, to attend a coming of age gathering in Lunstead. It’s another methodically paced and utterly engaging tale written by Alan McKenzie. Although I haven’t always enjoyed Bradley, McKenzie is a script robot whose work is usually always worthwhile.

Interestingly, The Old Straight Track made me think of the Black Knight strip which ran in Hulk Comic during the late seventies. In it, a character called The Walker walks the Black Knight across Britain in a similar way. Coincidently, that story was written by Steve Parkhouse who is this tale’s artist. Here his work is awash with water colour and is probably the best artwork I’ve seen him do so far.

Also finishing this prog is Maniac 5 Maniac 6. I guess Maniac 5 is Mark Millar’s analogy for the stupidly of the arms race; you create a terrifying weapon then you create an even more terrifying weapon to neutralise it, although any intelligence the thrill has is dumbed-down by the writer’s love for action movies and his trademark sadism. It’s neither Millar’s nor artist Steve Yeowell’s best work but I enjoyed it just the same.

Finally, ABC Warrior Hammertein gets written into Judge Dredd continuity by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner. This is another example of movie fall-out. In the recent Judge Dredd film, Hammerstein appears, sucking up a major portion of the budget that might have been better spent elsewhere. In the comic, he’s a robot who has been left on sleeper mode in The Cursed Earth until waking up forty years later and making his way to a shop in Mega City One. It’s just like the olden days when Mills tries to establish 2000 AD thrills as existing in the same universe that don’t catch on. Still, it’s a fun strip with strong art by Jason Brashill.

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  • I really really enjoyed the later Luke Kirby stories. (Spoiler warning) I wish it could have continued.

    By Blogger Victor Resistor, at 6:13 pm  

  • I take from the spoiler that they don't, Victor.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:04 pm  

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