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Friday, December 11, 2009

Prog 955 01/09/95

The last in a series of three interlocking covers painted by Chris Foss appears on the front of this prog. Except, once the masthead and bumf has been applied and the image shifted to accommodate them the covers end up not interlocking at all. So, to resolve this, the same image is reproduced on the back. So, what we have here is actually a series on interlocking back page pin-ups. This irritating repetition of the cover image in the same issue is something that The Megazine has been doing and, sure enough, after a bit of web research, it turns out that David Bishop has been acting as Tharg for a few months now.

Another last this prog is Urban Strike by Brian Williamson, Steve White and Mick Austen based on the computer game. I’ll be honest with you; I’ve never been interested in computer games. My eyes glaze over whenever a kid talks to me about them in exactly the same way adult’s eyes did when I talked to them about comics when I was little. In fact, in exactly the same way their eyes glaze over when I talk to them about comics now. Having said that, despite being a franchise spin-off, Urban Strike seems to be a well spirited thrill even if not to my taste.

Regular Slog commenter, Kennyevil, has already posted that he likes Urban Strike, I guess pre-empting I would hate it perhaps due to the overall poor reaction to it from the majority of readers at the time. Personally, I feel there was much about it that didn’t work. The thrill is written as a satire of this genre, however it’s described, and yet the one good running joke of the series, where foul language is replaced by inoffensive alternatives, is compromised by the disclaimer published at the start of each episode therefore explaining the gag. However, Kennyevil makes an important point, “to an 11 year old like myself, it was the height of wit.” I would have been in my twenties at this time and probably too old for it. In fact, there’s a possibility that I had outgrown the entire comic, which is a thought that I was perhaps resisting at the time.

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  • Ah I got these 3 issues for the Foss covers as I was (and am) a big fan (although like you I never quite felt they worked and I didn't feel that Foss really "got" Judge Dredd)

    Thats how I remember Urban Strike and it just felt to me like one of those Action Force stories that sullied the once great Battle comic in the mid 80's

    By Blogger Derek, at 12:24 pm  

  • Yeah Derek, at this time it often felt like Charley's War never happened.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 4:44 pm  

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