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Friday, December 18, 2009

Batman Judge Dredd The Ultimate Riddle

Whilst in pursuit of The Riddler, one of his lamest villains, Batman is snatched away to another dimension where he is forced to take part in a contest to the death with aliens to earn his way home. Amongst the brutal ugly-buglies is our very own Judge Dredd lumbered with a hapless perp in just his underwear in tow.

The good thing about these inter-company team-ups at this time is they read more like a 2000 AD special. Gone are the days when Marvel and DC editors would argue for months over Perry White appearing in more panels than J Jonah Jameson in a Superman and Spider-Man team-up. I guess this is down to Alan Grant, writer here with John Wagner, who is a representative of both characters now.

The Batman/Judge Dredd team-ups are getting increasingly less special. The story, despite the lameness of the main villain, is fun but doesn’t seem to feature as much thought as the average Wagner scripted Dredd short. Carl Critchlow provides the majority of the art and opens the story with a splash I really like. It’s a shot of an overbuilt Gotham street by the docks. A tiny figure can be seen running along the rooftops of the lower buildings and casting a shadow against the larger. You don’t see enough images like this in superhero comic; shots of the hero in his environment; blink and you miss him.

Dermot Power colourfully provides the final fifteen pages where The Riddler’s lame inter-dimensional plot is undone and our hero’s with harmless perp get to go home. The Ultimate Riddle is okay I suppose, but everyone involved is capable of much better.

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  • This was just a placeholder while every one was waiting for Glenn Fabry to finish up Die Laughing. In the end they just drafted in Jason Brashill and Jim Murray to do the second half.


    By Blogger kennyevil, at 5:49 pm  

  • I really hated all the batman jD corssover comics.

    By Blogger Victor Resistor, at 10:13 pm  

  • I remember, Chris. Still, it couod have been better.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 9:37 am  

  • Hates a bit strong, Victor, but I agree that they weren't as good as they should have been.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 9:38 am  

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