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Monday, November 30, 2009

Prog 943 09/06/95

Item: In his Output column, Tharg denies the rumour that 2000 AD will begin renumbering from prog 950 with prog 1. Personally, I don’t remember ever hearing this rumour. Anyway, it’s not true. I love the way Tharg is trying to imply that just because there’s a Judge Dredd film about to come out, it’s business as usual here, when actually it’s not. Just look at that cover for starters; another still from the movie.

Item: Script robot Kek-W made his or her 2000 AD debut a couple of progs back with the start of the Grudge Father sequel. I always really liked Kek-W’s thrills and thought for a long time that he or she was perhaps a pen name used by Mark Millar or Pete Milligan. I don’t know much about this mysterious writer but I do know that he or she is a person in his or her own right.

Item: My memory is that the Star Scan was phased out long ago but here it is continuing to appear. Just look at this one of Judge Dredd by Arthur Ranson. Isn’t it great?

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  • And you know why Arthur's Star Scan is so good? Because he can be arsed to draw a background.

    Take that, all you new wave 2000ad artists!! ;)

    By Blogger Ken Davidson, at 7:08 pm  

  • After a bit of web-fu that ended up back at 2000ad forum Wake said in a thread that he was Nigel Long

    the thread


    By Blogger Jayleon, at 7:09 pm  

  • Kek W actually came along to the forum to introduce himself at that thread towards the end.

    Love that Arthur Ranson cover. I always thought that two of the characters in the background were two Doctor Who's (Troughton and C Baker) but that might be me reading too much into the thing!

    Arh Diane Lane

    By Blogger Colin, at 10:31 am  

  • Ken, he draws a good background and foreground I would say. Double take that, New Wave!

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:41 pm  

  • Thanks Jayleon. I tried a bit of web-fu for the same info but got bored looking.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:42 pm  

  • Hi Colin. I thought one of them might be Pat Mills.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:43 pm  

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