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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prog 931 17/03/95

I never for a moment thought that it would happen but now that it has it seems so obvious that I’m surprised that it didn’t happen earlier. The new Rogue Trooper, Friday, has met the original, Rogue Trooper, and his unit, Venus Bluegenes and a re-gened Helm, Gunner and Bagman. Normally I find this sort of encounter very exciting, like when the New X-Men had a fight with the original team, but I’m surprised to find myself feeling faintly disappointed.

Why this is I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps I have always considered 2000 AD above this sort of thing. Perhaps I see Tharg and the creative droids continued withdrawal from Dave Gibbons’ re-invention after they started, not so long ago, with the return of the bio-chips as a sign of weakness. Perhaps I find writer Steve White’s use of military jargon (real and made up) not to my taste and a bit of a turn off (although he’s a definite improvement on the previous guy).

Most curious of all, at least to me, is that despite having read this story before, I can’t remember it happening. This is weird because, despite my faint disappointment, I am actually intrigued to learn what the circumstances are that led to these characters of different worlds meeting each other. I’m just a little worried because of my memory blank that the answer is going to be too dreary to be worth remembering.

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