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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Winter Special 1994

This may not be the last Winter Special, that honour is held by next years, but it the last one I’ll be covering for The Slog. My 2000 AD experiment is reaching an interesting phase of ends weather it’s actual ends, as with the 1995 yearbooks, or decided ends, as with this special. Basically, I can’t be bothered to hunt down the 1995 Winter Special on eBay because I’m certain that the effort used to locate it will be disproportionate to the pleasure received from reading it.

Having said this, maybe I should reconsider, because this years Winter Special is quite interesting at least. Once a nice Judge Dredd short by John Wagner and John Burns is out of the way there are a number of curiosities. For example, a Maniac 5 credited to Alan “McMillar”, presumably written jointly by Alan McKenzie and Mark Millar. A Bix Barton written by a “Barney Legg”, which is presumably a pseudonym for someone other than Peter Milligan. A Brigand Doom fully painted by Dave D’Antiquis. A Terror Tale written by Nick Abadzis and painted by Paul Johnson. Over all, the content is more successful than the current yearbooks and, at £2.50, is less than half the price.

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  • And Winter Soecial 2005 can be a bugger to get hold of. I've beenm looking for a while and no joy... so err nah don't bother (I don't need the additional competition when one comes up!)

    By Blogger Colin, at 8:43 am  

  • Thanks for warning me off, Colin. :-)

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:10 pm  

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