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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prog 920

That’s the way to celebrate Christmas, Tharg. Give us an extra long prog for not much more money and fill the additional pages with actual comic strip instead of ‘status updates’ and editorial bumf. As we used to say in the old days; Zarjaz!

This prog opens with an eighteen paged Judge Dredd written by Peter Hogan and painted by Ross Dearsley and Dermot Power called The Big Sleet. It’s not actually a Christmas tale, being set in July, but it features a Weather Control malfunction that results in Mega City One freezing over which is as close enough an association we’re gonna get to the festive season even if I’ve never known it to snow on Christmas day and I’m seventy-three years old. Dredd tracks the fault down to the Norse Gods and the story concludes with a big special effects fight between Hela and Odin.

The art by both artists is very, very good. Dearsley’s opening six pages reminds me very much of early Duncan Fegredo due, perhaps, to his interestingly angled panel composition. When Power takes over, the art is spectacular, particularly the pages where Dredd first arrives at the museum. As seems to be common with painty artists of his style, after a few pages in, Power succumbs to deadline pressure and the art loosens up but still manages to look amazing. Normally, a special Dredd not written by John Wagner is enough to put me off but Hogan, who I find can occasionally miss, composes an enjoyable and well timed yarn, even if it would probably collapse under scrutiny. I must be in the Christmas spirit, I guess.

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  • Ah that xmas prog. Although I loathed Brashill, this worked for me.

    Btw, nice to meet you at BICS the other week - we stopped by your table and both bought 'Fume', you gave us a free copy of Memory Man and had a look at my portfolio (the one with the haunting portrait of Devlin Waugh in a judge's uniform). If it's not too rude check out my blog.

    T'will be a sad day when the slog ends!

    By Blogger mygrimmbrother, at 9:14 pm  

  • Hi mygrimmbrother. Yes, of course I remember you. Great artwork and nice blog. I have no idea what 'Fume' is, though. It's not one of mine, anyway.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:28 pm  

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