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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Prog 919 23/12/94

Two John Wagner strips might not have been enough to keep me with The Megazine but here, in 2000 AD, he works his magic with Arthur Ranson on Button Man II, The Confession of Harry Exton. In it, Harry is back on The Game, working now for a senator who has provided him with a new life including a wife in America. Senator Jacklin decides he wants Harry disposed of after his over exuberance results in the killing of all of his opponents.

Button Man II is a cold and remorseless strip executed with similar pinpoint accuracy to a Harry Exton killing spree. Wagner’s story telling and dialogue is stripped down and direct whilst Ranson’s art is awe inspiring and precise. There’s a lot about this sequel that is like the original story, and sometimes it feels that, basically, it’s the same tale but set in America. However, it’s the underplayed connections that Harry makes with his fake wife Cora and his German Shepherd, the sense that under the surface all of these characters are damaged, that make this follow up an improvement.

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