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Friday, October 02, 2009

Prog 912 04/11/94

ITEM: This prog’s episode of Wilderlands is drawn by Mick Austin who I haven’t seen around here in a while. There’s something quite refreshing about his art in the midst of Carlos Ezquerra’s early computer style. According to Tharg, Ezquerra has taken a break from drawing Wilderlands to visit the set of the Judge Dredd movie. I’ll be surprised if he’s back for next week. I can just imagine the art robot’s little oil pump breaking after all these years of waiting for the film to happen.

ITEM: A good indication of how ropey my memory of this period of 2000 AD is on occasions can be found with The Hunt for Red Razors part 5. This episode ends, quite excitingly, with ‘Armageddon X’ being awakened from deep storage and revealed as Judge Dredd himself. I thought this was quite a revelation at the time even if it lacked any sort of foreshadowing at all. I was absolutely convinced that Red Razors ends unfinished with this episode’s full page image of Dredd rising from the dry ice but thanks to this being The Slog, I was able to sneak a peak at the up coming progs and see that it continues for another few weeks yet.

ITEM: Skizz returns for his third story this prog called SKIIIZZ. Had it happened, I wonder what a fourth Skizz adventure would have been called; SKIIIIZZ or SKIVZZ, perhaps. I guess we’ll never know.

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