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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There's No Time Like The Present part 10

Long time readers of The Slog will know that every now and then I abuse my position here by promoting my own comic work. Well, it’s that time again I'm afraid. Look at this way, if I hadn’t had written this then there wouldn’t be one for today at all as I haven’t read any comics since yesterday’s entry.

Anyway, There’s No Time Like The Present is my self published comic that I have been writing and drawing for a few years now. It’s a long comic strip or “graphic novel” for which part 10 has just come out, hence this post, and I anticipate there being twelve altogether. Each issue is 28 pages long, A5 sized, features a full colour glossy cover and, like I said, is all by me. Part 10 costs just £2.50 and, if you order it from my website, that price includes postage to anywhere in the UK. All back issues so far are also still available, although some, but not all, cost £3 each. I guess this doesn’t sound very exciting, so you can read the first few pages of the story for free here.

Also, copies of the 112 paged, full colour collection of my diary strip Book of Lists are still available to buy. It costs £10.95 and, again, if you buy it from me here then that price includes the cost of postage to the UK. A sample of what you can expect from it can be read here.

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