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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Judge Dredd The Megazine 2.53 13/05/94

I might find the pages of pointless editorial waffle depressing but content wise The Megazine is pretty good at the moment. Apart from the excellent lead, this issue’s by John Wagner and Mick McMahon, the backups are, in general, strong.

My favourite is this issue’s cover star, The Missionary Man. This is the character’s first multi-part tale, Bad Moon Rising, and it sees him up against Legion; The Cursed Earth super-mutant recast as Satan. Obviously, Frank Quitely’s art is brilliant, even better than before and it’s right that he’s back drawing the strip he seems to have been born for. Writer Gordon Rennie paces the story in the old-school 2000 AD house style at its best. The timing is immaculate, the dialogue tight and the moments to be savoured.

My least favourite is Shimura written by Robbie Morrison and drawn, this time, by Colin MacNeil in black and white. Shimura has gone ronin and is being hunted by his ex-pupil Judge Inaba. I would love to tell you more about this story but I’m finding it difficult to engage with what’s going on. Morrison weighs the story down with cultural blah-blah while MacNeil draws many of the characters so that they look too similar to each other. I think that there might something good going on here but they’re not making it easy for me to siphon it out.

EXTRA: This issue’s Quote of the Issue is, “I worshiped a false god – and his name was Dwedd” said by Walter the Wobot in Judge Dredd Giant and isn’t a quote from this issue at all but from last issue.

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  • Man that Missionary Man story is great EXCEPT for one thing. This was when the delievery of the Megazine (and indeed 2000ad) to my parents house wasn't good. I was away at Uni and not paying any attention and had all but stopped reading either. So anyway I've plugged all my 2000ad gaps and a recent cherry picking re-read of my Megazine issues had me realising I have all the parts of this story apart from the last.


    By Blogger Colin, at 4:28 pm  

  • ink the problem with Shimura and in fact many stories Robbie Morrison writes is that if the story arch is a one shot or a few episodes stand alone he is brilliant but if he is building a bigger piture or in 'Mega epic' mode his writing seems to suffer from being split up in to episodes. However when collected his stuff becomes a lot easyer to understand. Nikolai Dante after Tzar wars got really hard to read but then I got the collected and it became an amzing story. He is a very talented writer and one of 2000ads best but he just does not have quite the same talent when it comes to story telling in weekly or monthly episodes as John Wagner.

    By Blogger Jayleon, at 4:42 pm  

  • Colin, thanks God for eBay eh? :-)

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 3:55 pm  

  • Jayleon, I'm not overly familiar with Robbie Morrison's comics so am relearning his ways and I must admit he hasn't won me over yet. I'm still open though.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 3:57 pm  

  • hi Paul,
    its Aero here again. I just chanced upon your Prog Slog again (was googling John McCrea and your Jan 20th Post was found). Glad to see your still on with your mega-read. Ben and I are still on with ours and he's still loving it. We've reached Prog 406, Feb 1985, 8 years into 'tooth' and a quarter ways through. His mum's been having to join in with us a lot recently with a bunch of female characters for her to read: Halo Jones (now on Book 2), Anderson (just back from City of the Damned), McGruder as Chief Judge, Stainless Steel wife Angelina, fem GI Azure in Rogue Trooper, Purity Brown in Nemesis and various women amongst the Helltrekkers (and by co-incidence a helltrek crops up in the latest JD Megazine! we keep getting nice links between the old Progs and the current ones). If his mum isn't around I'll sometimes have to read some of the minor fems, but we absolutely will not read Halo or do any Anderson without her. So what do we do for a bedtime thrill read if she's out? Well luckily we fell behind on the 'satellite' stuff because I didn't have any Starlords or Tornados. We ebayed to get the weeklies, specials and annuals and have now caught up with them between Progs, just one final Starlord annual left. We're now reaching the end of 1981, aiming to catch up to the Progs so that we'll be reading everything in the proper order. We're right in the Middle of the 1982 Dredd annual full of lovely, long colour Wagner/McMahon strips. Saturday Daily Star Dredds start next. I cut out and kept many of them so we'll read the original newsprints, and I'll dig out the Mega-Collections for the ones I missed. The very first Daily Star Dredd from 29th Aug 1981 is missing though, I didn't get the original and I've not yet found it reprinted or scanned anywhere. Warrior started in early 1982 and I got all those at the time so we will hit them soon. Gonna be nice re-reading those, though Ben may have to skip over the likes of Axel Pressbutton and just admire Steve Dillon's art until he's a bit older. Looking forward to V for Vendetta of course. Warriors is of course long dead now, but what really makes reading the old 2000AD Progs even better that it already would be (to add to the obvious: brilliant art, excellent scripts, quality time with my son and re-visiting my youth) is the fact that its not a piece of dead history, but alive and kicking. Dredd and Alpha still having new adventures (seeing Ezqurra's art now with his son Hector helping is a real buzz). Seeing John Cooper back doing Armitage is great. Plus exciting rumours about another Dredd film and A.B.C. Warrior animations on TV.
    Life without Tharg? I can hardly imagine it!

    By Blogger Aero, at 12:17 pm  

  • Hi Aero. Thanks for the update. Star Lord is great. I didn't do Tornado for The Slog. Warrior is a spiritual link to 2000 AD. Will you be searching out back issues of V for Vendetta and Miracle Man so you can complete thos stories? Once you start spreading out like you have, where do you stop? What about Daredevils, for example? Or Eagle?

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:45 pm  

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