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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Judge Dredd The Megazine 2.51 15/04/94

Unlike the 2000 AD re-launches, The Megazine’s aren’t nearly as exciting even though the one that occurred last issue had an extra eight pages which, for the time being, stay. The Megazine lacks the overall design sense that helps to create a perception of the weekly comic reboots being seemingly more thrilling. There’s also a general editorial pragmatism that saps excitement from the process. It’s as if there’s an understanding that a re-launch exists to lure new customers to the comic and isn’t there for established readers. I want a bit of hyperbole. I know that we’re all adults here but, come one, at least try to play the game.

Normally I don’t read the editorial and letters pages of The Megazine but a glance across them reveals that number 51’s “quote of the issue” is from Anderson PSI Postcards from the Edge. “It gets harder to remember – what was it like to be human?” Wow. That’s almost poetic. Profound, even. You can apply that quote to almost every incident in your day to day life. Thanks for pointing it out.

(Incidentally, Tony Luke provides the artwork to this issue’s Anderson PSI Postcards from the Edge episode. He uses photographs he’s taken of models, animals, buildings etc and mashed them up using what I imagine to be an earlier version of Photoshop. To those of you who think that I’m something of a traditionalist when it comes to 2000 AD art I want you to know that I really liked the end result. There’s something about it coupled with the reproduction and Alan Grant’s sweet story which makes it very effective, I think).

Reader Andy Willowbrook writes to complain about the thickness of the accents used by Scottish characters in The Megazine, especially those in Calhab Justice. Although not Scottish himself, in his experience people from Scotland don’t actually speak like that. David Bishop replies (I presume it’s David Bishop anyway as he’s the editor), “It’s strange, but people who ever complain about portrayals of particular ethnic groups are almost never members of that group, but concerned others.” I think you’ve misunderstood what Andy is saying, David. Andy doesn’t seem to be complaining about the Scottish being misrepresented in The Megazine, he seems to be saying that he can’t understand the characters the way their dialogue is being written and besides, it’s unrealistic anyway. Personally speaking, I’m not Scottish and I don’t remember ever finding it difficult to understand the characters in Calhab Justice but Bishop using the clichéd cop out he does to avoid engaging with the reader’s point is a little frustrating and a good reminder as to why I avoid these areas of The Magazine normally.

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