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Monday, August 31, 2009

Prog 889 27/05/94

There’s nothing quite like a re-launch prog, although they are becoming increasingly frequent these days and run the risk of becoming less special. The last one seemed only a few weeks ago and the next one is bound to take place with prog 900 less than three months hence. I suppose this acceleration is due in part to the practicalities of putting together what is now a full colour comic. The art takes longer to produce in those circumstances and therefore organising a run by the same artist (it has to be the same artist because of those lucrative album collections that come later) longer than eight to twelve weeks is very difficult.

A re-launch prog is also the ideal moment to increase the cover price. This time, it goes up by five pence to 75p. I know, shocking, isn’t it? (I have no idea what the price is in Australia or on Neptune anymore, incidentally, as Tharg stopped printing this information long ago). Tharg doesn’t even bother to forewarn us anymore. It seems to have become an unspoken rule that the thrill of a re-launce comes at a price. The blow is lessened only slightly this time thanks to a one off page count increase from thirty-six to forty-four. These eight extra pages provide only three new pages of art used as recap openers to Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper and Slaine, the rest is given over to editorial and advertising. Oh well.

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  • Hey Paul, long time reader, first time poster, and only posting now because I've finally caught up to you on my own re-read of the comic. Just thought I'd give you the good news that the 44pp format sticks around for a good few progs, a couple of months worth at least, as they do their best to milk the Judge Dredd film tie-in dry. 2 Dredd strips appear in the prog for the next few months and I didn't quite get the point of doing that. It made things a bit confusing actually with sometimes two different multi-part Dredd tales running concurrently. This, plus the fortnightly Megazine and the newly launched fortnightly Lawman of the Future seems a bit like overkill to me.... On the other hand though, when some of the other strips at this time were poor, two Wagner Dredds per prog probably made up for things somewhat. But I'm sure John Wagner was relieved when it came to an end!

    By Blogger Van Dom, at 10:58 am  

  • On the subject of re-launch progs I've just read in Thrillpower Overload (and yet the details are a little sketchy as I type!!!) that after the success of Prog 650 (maybe... it could have been 700) it was decided that they'd be a re-launch prog at least twice a year and I belive that still holds today.

    By Blogger Colin, at 1:08 pm  

  • Hi Van. Nice to hear from you. i think you're a little ahead of me at the moment. The film hasn't been released yet, so the 44 paged prog was a stand-alone, for a few months at least.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:39 pm  

  • Colin, a re-launch prog did used to occur around twice a year, but at this time they seem to be even more often than that. Maybe even four times a year.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:41 pm  

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