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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Judge Dredd The Megazine 2.49 18/03/93

Three what I would call lesser strips finish this issue. I say “lesser strips” not because I’m looking for reasons to complain but because the cracks in them seem to scream for my attention by running up and throwing a pint in my face.

Take for example Calhab Justice Unfinished Business. This might have been an eventful story in which the dynamic between the characters gets established more clearly but thanks to artist Lol’s inky and eerily composed panels I lost patience trying to follow it.

Harke and Burr has appeared in The Megazine a few times but has been unsuccessful on every occasion. Si Spencer seems to be trying to write a comedy with a zany seam but artist Dean Ormston, who has drawn impressive Judge Dredd stories in the past, is painting a strip oozing Fritz Lang atmospherics but forgets many of the story telling skills he’s demonstrated in the past.

Pan African Judges is interesting only because it’s written by future Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell. Story wise, it demonstrates a lot of promise, with some heart churning moments of cruelty but, typically of all three of these strips, characters are difficult to tell apart thanks to artist Siku.

Perhaps all of the above artists should take a leaf out Mike McMahon’s book who draws the cover to this issue. Simple, clear picture perfectly designed and composed. Thanks God no one shrank the image down and filled the free space with text.

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