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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Prog 867 25/12/93

Merry Christmas, and to celebrate, one of my favourite thrills of recent times comes to an end this prog. In Canon Fodder, Judgement Day has nearly arrived. All of the world’s dead are alive again but God is nowhere to be seen. Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty have killed themselves (I didn’t know that they were ever really alive in the first place) to gain access to heaven with the intention of killing God. Doctor Watson has enlisted the help of Fodder and Holmes’ mad brother Mycroft to find a way to stop them but when the cast arrive in Heaven they find that it’s been invaded by Lucifer and his army. Apparently, God is already dead. All this in just seven episodes; It makes Millar’s co-written Day of the Dead look like the puffed out eight-parter that it is.

Chris Weston’s art is absolutely brilliant. Canon Fodder is designed to look like an earnest Freddie Star. During the scenes set in the eras-clashed London the thrill has this great sense of claustrophobia. However, it’s the episodes set in heaven that excel. The leather clad Lucifer has an insect quality and God, who isn’t dead after all, has multiple faces but remains continually recognisable as he unleashes his wrath amidst the surreal chaos of Paradise in flames. You try drawing that!

During a period when many comic writers hold on to their ideas or release them at a painfully slow rate, Mark Millar’s pop sensibility is refreshing. He doesn’t seem precious about them. In fact, he seems absolutely sure that as soon as he gets one idea down on paper another five will rise to take its place. I know that there are a lot of you that probably disagree with me but I think he’s exactly what 2000 AD needs at this time.

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