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Monday, July 27, 2009

Judge Dredd The Megazine 2.38 02/10/93

Suddenly, The Megazine is quite good. It had something of a re-launch last issue and all the new stories seem strong. As a whole, it’s still far from perfect, though. I find those Status Report pages that appear before each strip very off putting. They look lazily put together and give the impression that they are only there to pad the comic out. I also hate the next issue page that now appears on the back. It’s just a reproduction of the next cover which isn’t much fun and ruins the impact of seeing that comic for the first time when it comes out.

Frank Quitely is back, this time drawing Shimura. Set is Holby City, I mean, Hondo City, it follows the investigation by Judge Inspector Shimura and Cadet Onaba of the slaughter of dozens of Endo Comm employees by the building’s own security system. As you would expect, Quitely’s art is great. Any criticism I might express here would be hair splitting so what’s the point.

Robbie Morrison’s story is tight and, seems at least to me, complex considering the amount of space that it has. Considering that I would have read enough of Morrison’s work first time around to have formed an opinion about it I don’t remember doing so. It might be interesting for me to re-encounter his work for The Slog considering I have a relatively open mind about it and he goes on to be such a fixture in 2000 AD.

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