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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Book of Lists

I’m abusing my position as keeper of The Slog again to let you know about my new book, Pbrainey’s Book of Lists. This is a full colour, 112 paged TPB collection of my diary comic strips.

Suicidal birds. Edible guitars. Licky dogs. Smelly saddles. Selective helloers. These are just some of the real events from my life which I have ordered into lists and then drawn up as comic strips. Now available to buy, Pbrainey's Book of Lists collects over fifty of the popular internet strips in actual reality book form.

“Strangely compelling, funny, entertaining and honest” Comics International

112 pages in full colour for £10.95. (Price includes post and packing to UK. International customers please visit The Shop for your Paypal button). Copies can be ordered using Paypal from my website. Or contact me directly for other methods of payment.



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