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Friday, June 05, 2009

Sci-Fi Special 16 1993

In his editorial, Tharg states that Chris Weston is Rogue Trooper’s new regular artist. I don’t even have to look at this prog’s episode to know that this is a great choice even if I have absolutely no recollection of this actually ever happening.

In The Crying Scotsman, I learn that Bix Barton is set in the future. For some reason, I had always assumed that it was set in the present despite Bix owning a flying car; I just thought that this was a comic strip conceit. The giveaway for me is the discovery that trains are a form of transport from the past. Well, I just used a train on Wednesday and found it a trouble free experience.

Dave Hine draws the premier of Maniac 5. Those of you only familiar with his comic work for American publishers this centaury might be surprised to learn that he can draw as well. It’s a mystery to me that he isn’t, even if occasionally, encouraged to draw some of his own scripts. He really is very good, you know.

It should be noted that Judge Dredd seems to have been demoted to just reprint status for the Sci-Fi Special these days, which is a shame. It’s not really a decision which makes much sense given that in comparison to the other strips that appear Dredd is the certainty twhen it comes to appealing to the casual reader. Oddly, Tharg chooses to reprint a story originally printed in a Sci-Fi Special a few years before. During the early eighties, I went through a period where the only 2000 AD publication I would buy with any regularity was the Sci-Fi Special. I don’t think it’s unreasonable of me to assume that there are some people like me out there, and so if Tharg insists on running a reprint he should at least choose one that originally appeared in the weekly.

Finally, still no Daily Star reprints. I really miss them.

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