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Monday, June 22, 2009

Prog 849 21/08/93

It’s the final prog of the Summer Offensive and all non-Judge Dredd thrills come to an end. Big Dave cops off with a sexualised Princess Di, Stanley Modest is revealed to actually have killed all of those people after all and Maniac 5 pops Maniac 4’s brain in his grip. Really & Truly also wraps up. After eight episodes travelling across country with Scuba and Johnny Zhivago, the two girls, Really and Truly, arrive in San Francisco with their shipment of ‘bullets’ just in time for the Big Summer Burn Out.

Clearly, this is an attempt by Grant Morrison to engage all the party people, clubbers and ravers out there amongst the Squaxx. Personally, I don’t think this is one of his best strips but even Morrison in partial effect is better than all the of the pop star bothering episodes of Bradley and Heavy Metal Dredds rolled into one. The strip does feature allusions to drug taking and pill popping, inappropriate material for my imagined young audience perhaps, but the ‘bullets’ in question turn out to be telepathic wave modulators that enable the audience to hear the music being played. T Mobile should consider using this thrill as the basis for their advertising campaign; it would definitely be less irritating than their current one. The real appeal of Really & Truly is Rian Hughes’ art. It looks so clear and perfectly pitched, particularly in the context of the comic’s design as a whole, which he is also responsible for, incidentally.

On the subject of the age appropriateness of 2000 AD currently being covered by The Slog, I watched this issue being read by an eleven year old earlier and he laughed all of the way through Big Dave. If I hear from his mother that there has been deterioration in his behaviour or his general well being, I’ll let you know.

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