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Monday, June 01, 2009

Prog 834 08/05/93

Thank Grud for those of you that warned me about the missing chapter of Firekind. It happens this prog and I had completely forgotten about it until it was mentioned. My dilemma was, as keeper of The Slog, if I should read the episodes as they were printed for authenticity’s sake but, at the last minute, I thought spug this for a game of soldiers, and read the missing chapter, printed in prog 840 as “The Director’s Cut”, in its correct place. Thank you for the warning.

Firekind is a good example of John Smith at his best. In it, a botanist investigates an alien planet and gradually gains the trust of the local inhabitants. Smith takes his time setting this up and it’s only now in the correct episode seven that a merciless gang of mercenaries have turned up, torturing their way through the peace loving locals in search of the ‘lantrisant’ and its youth giving properties. The art is by Paul Marshal, one of my favourites at this time, whose straight story telling style benefits everyone involved.

If an episode from a multi-part story has to go missing then it might as well have been this one. As observed by some of you that warned me of it, at the time, we seemed to accept the abrupt leap forward in time as deliberate. It’s because it occurs directly after the botanist is breathing in the hallucination causing atmosphere for the first. Besides, John Smith is known for his challenging story telling sometimes; I suppose we just accepted this as being one of those occasions.

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  • Yeah, I definitely remember thinking, 'oh, it's just John Smith not filling in the blanks for us', and not realising there was an actual chunk of story for us!

    I'm still waiting for the lost episodes fo Revere to turn up...

    By Blogger alexf, at 3:35 pm  

  • i'd give up on that if I were you, Alex.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 4:55 pm  

  • Here's what I said over at the review section of the 2000ad forum recently about Firekind.

    "Firstly Firekind, what can I say BRILLANT, just pure unadulterated glorious comics. Not the complex, if enjoyable struggle I remember it being (though this might be due to misprints when it first came out?) but a beautiful intriguing and exciting thrill and possibly the best thing John Smith has written and he's written a lot of great stuff."

    By Blogger Colin, at 11:11 am  

  • yeah, definately one of the most accessable things Smith has written up until now, if you read it with the missing chapter included.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 1:53 pm  

  • I recall being pretty baffled by the story leap but thinking thats not that unusual when reading John Smith

    By Blogger Derek, at 3:41 pm  

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