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Friday, May 29, 2009

Prog 831 17/04/93

On the Output page of The Nerve Centre, Tharg writes about “certain grexnix thrill merchants” (stupid newsagents) racking 2000 AD on the top shelf out of reach of younger readers. My memory of this is that it wasn’t just on the top shelf but directly next to Mayfair, Men Only and the rest. We really shouldn’t be too surprised by this. The huge success of Viz at this time meant that, because of its adult content, it and its inferior mimickers (remember Smut, anyone?), were placed for sale well out of reach of minors. There’s no denying that 2000 AD was now aimed at an older age group than it originally was so it seems likely that some busy newsagents thought of it more of a Viz styled comic rather than a Beano one. Furthermore, older newsagents might have remembered publications such as Heavy Metal and Epic Illustrated, fully painted comic magazines from the very early eighties which were certainly inappropriate for children and, thanks to their fully painted content, increasingly reminiscent of current 2000 AD. Of course, placing the weekly on the top shelf with the soft porn magazines is completely unsuitable. These days, in 2009, it’s either sold alongside the cult sci-fi film and TV magazines, which is more appropriate, or not at all.

I want to give a special mention to this prog’s Judge Dredd story, The Judge who lives Downstairs by Garth Ennis and Brett Ewins. In it, we learn that once a week, Dredd takes a wander around the block in which he has an apartment just to remind everyone to behave. Not so long ago, I was critical of Ennis’s recent bout of Dredd stories however, this one is particularly strong.

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