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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Judge Dredd The Megazine 2.24 20/03/93

Al’s Baby isn’t an idea that, on the surface, lends itself to the prospect of a sequel particularly well. Hit man for the mob gets pregnant to please head of the organisation who also happens to be his father-in-law. Once the baby is born, where else is there to go? However, first time around, John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra created a cast of such strong characters that it seems stupid now not to revisit them.

In Blood on the Bib, Al Bestardi and his pal Sal have been ordered by Godfather Don Luigi Sorcoma to rub out the heads of five rival families. Joining them on the road trip is eighteen month old Little Al and Tony, Sorcoma’s collage graduate nephew who, it has been announced, is first in line to replace him when he passes away, jumping ahead of Big Al. So, in addition to having to perform the five dangerous hits, Al is also looking after his son and trying to knock off Tony accidentally on purpose.

Of course I enjoyed this. Wagner and Ezquerra nearly always work well together but it’s also a relief to encounter a strip in The Megazine that’s fun, farcical and filled with strong character interplay. I must say that I was a slightly troubled by the scenes where little Al mimics his father and shoots a couple of people. It made me imagine a sequel to the film Junior where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eighteen month old baby mimics its dad and enters the Little Mr/Miss Universe competition. Those muscle kids freak me out, man.

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