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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Judge Dredd The Megazine 2.18 26/12/92

I’ve always felt that I should like Armitage more than I do. It has a quality to it that makes me think that there’s something about it that I’m too thick to get properly. However, the truth remains that no matter how hard I try I remain pretty much indifferent to the strip. Armitage’s second big run comes to a finish this issue. In Influential Circles, Armitage and Steel investigate the massacre of forty-eight people. It starts off as a tantalising mystery as one of the bodies has been removed from the scene of the crime for some reason. However, that’s more or less where the story’s allure finishes for me.

Charlie Adlard replaces Sean Philips as artist for Influential Circles and does an impressive job. I like his quirky style framed by the panel layout scheme established by Philips first time around. Some of the action is difficult to follow thanks to the dark reproduction; a common consequence of fully painted artwork at this time.

Dave Stone seems to be a fine writer. I say “seems” because although his dialoguing is strong and his single episode pacing capable the overall story leaves me a little indifferent. Armitage feels as if all of the elements are there but the treble needs to be turned up to one and the bass to two for it to work properly. There’s a suggestion at the story’s end where the characters talk about the loose ends of the case, as if one of the themes of Armitage is that life is filled with small mysteries that never get solved, but that’s little consolation to me.

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