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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prog 814 19/12/92

I didn’t really enjoy Revere’s second albeit brief run but I didn’t hate it either. I just felt disappointed. In it, Revere, the little witch boy, is on the run from the authorities (boo!), falls in love with a girl, has sex with her, she then gets killed, then he returns home and slaughters the bad guys. Simple really. What more can you expect from a six week run?

Except, Simon Harrison’s characters look too similar to each other again which means that when I think that that’s Revere jumping through the air it turns out to be his girlfriend being shot with a gun. It’s frustrating to me because only recently I was saying in The Slog how improved and beautiful his work had been getting. Furthermore, on a couple of occasions, I was reading scenes set in the recent past without realising it. Surely flashbacks must come with some sort of visual indicator.

John Smith writes almost beautifully but I can’t help feeling that, as much as I dislike Bradley, Alan McKenzie would have done a better job on Revere. McKenzie works to the artist’s strengths whereas Smith, despite Revere apparently being jointly conceived by him and the artist, writes what he wants to no matter who is drawing it. Which is fine if it’s Sean Philips, the man who can draw anything, but if it’s Harrison, then you have to accept that the cast will need to be small, at least.

Revere promises to be angst ridden and earnest but thanks to a disparity between the two main creators, it doesn’t work for me. Perhaps if they actually sat next to each other as the strip was being created, it would have been successful. Who knows?

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  • Yeah have to agree. I was really looking forward to Revere II after loving the first but art (and I love Simon Harrison normally) really does make it suffer. Its sucha simple story and yet when I got to the end I was lost as to what had happened until yeah I went back and did a double take on the art. I felt such a fool so its reasuring to realise it wasn't just me!

    I can't remember book III but hopefully it will pay off and move the story forward from the events of this story and thus justify book II, which on its own seems waffer thin to say it comes from the mind of John Smith?

    By Blogger Colin, at 10:07 am  

  • There's a Book III coming? Hopefully, it'll pick up the pace again.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:09 pm  

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