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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prog 812 05/12/92

There seems to be a lot of magic themed thrills appearing at the moment which could be irritating to readers buying 2000 AD believing it to be a science fiction comic. There’s Finn and Revere, but my favourite, The Journal of Luke Kirby, concludes this prog after an appropriate thirteen week run. In The Night Walker, young Luke with the help of magic master Zeke, investigates a series of child killings and, ultimately, works to save his cousin abducted by the creature responsible for them.

As you know, my feelings about Alan McKenzie as a writer are that the quality of the work he provides is dependant on the artist he is working with. Again, he’s writing for John Ridgeway whose scratchy inks and watercolour washes conjure a detailed, atmospheric and authentic looking 1960s. There aren’t many occasions that I would accept the slow pacing McKenzie deploys in this story but it’s so effective and appropriate that it’s hard to imagine the strip being nearly as good squashed up into four, eight or even ten episodes. The Night Walker is definitely a story to be savoured, I would say.

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