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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yearbook 1993

It’s not like when I read the annuals for The Slog. I can’t get two done in a day, like I used to. These Yearbooks have a lot more content and take longer to read. I suppose I shouldn’t complain.

Thanks to the cover, some of the strips have an art theme. In the Tharg strip, Walter the Wobot and editorial assistant droid, Burt, race across London with the head to a Judge Dredd statue trying to make it in time to a 2000 AD art exhibition. It’s always good to se a new Tharg story although it’s curious to see Walter appear here. Normally he appears in Dredd and, even then, he barely does that these days.

There’s a clever line written by Alan McKenzie in Brigand Doom. Investigator Nine is asked if she is a lover of art to which she replies, “Not so much a lover, more a fighter.” Doom is cross because the money for an art exhibition could have been better spent on feeding the starving of the city. However, his rage extends to the gallery security guard and the artist himself. Now that he’s turning on the poor, working saps, I have no sympathy for any of the main characters in this strip at all.

In Robo-Hunter, a robot goes on a relentless massacre and in Rogue Trooper, Friday gets buried under a pile meat. I think writers Mark Millar and John Smith are developing themes here; tedious, repetitive themes.

My favourite strips are the Judge Dredd story by Alan Grant, Tony Luke and Brett Ewins in which alternative versions of Dredd and Anderson visit Mega City One and Bix Barton, by Milligan and McCarthy, who goes on the hunt for The Mouth Thief. Isn’t it great how Bix Barton never disappoints?

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