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Monday, March 23, 2009

Prog 797

Last time we saw Bradley, we left him travelling through time, pop star bothering. Now, somehow, he’s back in his present, reading warped fairy stories to his little sister. I would say that if I was one of his parents then I wouldn’t let him anywhere near his siblings but I wouldn’t want such a comment to be seen as legitimising the strip in any way.

In Bradley’s defence, Simon Harrison’s art is stunning on it. Now fully painted, Bradley’s landscape is awash with colour that’s amazing to look at. Furthermore, Harrison’s story telling has improved significantly since his Strontium Dog work. He’s even reigned in the personal commenting that left me not just disliking but resenting the character’s last run.

The problem with Bradley remains however; it’s Bradley. It’s just not a very good idea. You can send the character travelling through time or subverting classic children’s stories but it’s all been done more effectively before in Judge Dredd shorts by John Wagner and Alan Grant and Future Shocks by Alan Moore. Perhaps that’s the real problem here; I’ve been around too long.

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