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Friday, March 06, 2009

Judge Dredd The Megazine 2.3

There was a time when Judge Dredd was responsible for just twenty four new pages of comic a month. Now we’re getting closer to forty and that’s not including peripheral strips such as Soul Sisters, Devlin Waugh and Armageddon. It’s sometimes easy to forget amongst all of this output the simple joy of reading a John Wagner penned Dredd tale.

In Texas City Sting, Dredd has gone to Texas City to have extradited known perps back to Mega City One. However, because the Chief Judge there has an aversion to Big Meg types, Dredd has to exploit a loop hole in Texan law by operating as a debt collector and duping those on his wanted list into returning home. It’s a story told with such perfect pitch that you can’t help but feel joyous at the experience of reading it.

Yan Shimony is an artist I just about remember from Blast magazine. His work (I presume Shimony’s a he) here is packed with expression, characterisation and momentum. He draws good machinery and cityscapes too. My only criticism is that, at least once, he draws Dredd grinning like a loon which, as all Squxx dek Thargo know, isn’t something the character ever does. I can understand that perhaps Shimony isn’t immersed enough in the character to not know any different but surely editorial should have firewalled the art and sent it back to be redrawn. Unless the editor doesn’t know this either.

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