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Friday, February 20, 2009

Prog 771

ITEM: The latest Garth Ennis penned Judge Dredd yarn comes to an end, Justice One. I remember first time around feeling disappointed by this tale because, for some reason, I expected it to run for a lot longer than just six episodes. This time, I found it to be an utterly satisfying Dredd adventure. In it, Dredd spends time aboard the Justice One space craft last seen ten years ago during The Judge Child Quest. Two members of the judge crew have made plans to jump ship and to start a new life amongst the colonies but Dredd’s presence on this mission forces their hand and they start murdering their colleagues.

A major plot screw up occurs when one judge shoots another with his own gun. As we all know, firing someone else’s law giver would result in it self destructing. I don’t think that it’s necessarily nerdy of me to notice something like this which is, after all, an established piece of Dredd lore.

ITEM: To celebrate fifteen years of the galaxy’s greatest comic, Tharg has organised a dance event called Panic in the Year Zero at The Camden Palace. DJ’s include Mark Moore of S’Express (I remember them!), Micky Finn Crusher (huh?), Chris Coco (no, sorry, name doesn’t ring a bell) and Roxilla (oh, she works for 2000 AD!). Also present will be writer and artist droids and unnamed celebrities.

I’m fascinated to know how successful the night was. Did many Squaxx dek Thargo attend? What was the woman to guy ratio like? I envisage lots of adolescent males sitting in dark corners, glaring at anybody they think might be a comic creator. Perhaps Grant Morrison and Mark Millar had a dance together in their shiny new leather jackets (a photograph of them at a signing appeared in the Nerve Centre a couple of progs back). Personally, I wouldn’t even consider attending something like this unless the ad made it clear that women get in for free.

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  • Mickey Finn was/is a successful drum n bass DJ and producer responsible for some pioneering tracks just so you know. I'm equally at a loss about Chris Coco, though oddly The Camden Palace is now called Koko!

    By Blogger Joe, at 12:33 am  

  • This was one of the problems with the new wave of writers in 2000ad during this time. To me the creators looked soooo cool and intimidating. Now I was 18/19 but still completely lacked confidence and the new wave of creators, the Milligans, Morrisons and Millars of this world all looked like they'd laugh at me if I ever met them. It seems ridiculous now but an event like this just wasn't something I'd feel I belonged at.

    Mind I did spoke to Jamie Hewlett one year at UKCAC and he was incredibly nice.

    By Blogger Colin, at 1:07 pm  

  • Joe, I did an admittedly swift Google search on Mickey Finn and didn't find anything illuminating to me. Also, I'm worried that I'm coming across as someone who is anti dance music which isn't the case at all. I'm just happy to share my lack of knowledge about certain subjects with the world.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:46 pm  

  • Colin, I know what you mean. I spoke to Morrison one year at UKCAC and he was very nice also. Although, he wouldn't take his sunglasses off and, as we were inside, I found this very unnerving.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:48 pm  

  • CoCo Steel & Lovebomb. I vaguely heard of them in the early/mid nineties. I think he's a mate of Rob Da Bank these days.
    Still, it's not something i would go to. All these AD music related events seem to be a one genre doo daa whenever they occur throughout the years. I would love to hear about a readers accounts of these gigs and compare them to others. I'm sure it would be a amusing read.

    By Blogger Rhinocerouslip Bumcrack, at 8:32 am  

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