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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Prog 769

Brigand Doom is back, which is impressive given that at the end of the last story he was dead thanks to six bullets being shot into his chest. He’s alive again thanks to a voodoo priest who has reanimated his body. The mindless shell of what was once Brigand Doom seems to have been smart enough to have tricked the priest into returning his full faculties after he failed to complete his orders correctly. What a mistake!

Brigand Doom feels like one of those early sci-fi films that you’ve read about in a magazine somewhere but have never got to see. Dave D’Antiquis art is noir-like and very evocative. Writer Alan McKenzie knows to keep the dialogue stripped down and tight allowing the atmospheric black and white artwork to breathe. The result is a strip that’s very enjoyable to read even though, when you stop to think about it for a moment, you realise that there’s not much going on underneath the surface.

Meanwhile, in her first solo story, Durham Red has been fed the hallucinogenic drug psyke-o by bad guys and chained to an island populated by mad men. We learn, thanks to feverish flashbacks, that her sister died because of the drug. This is all very well but I find myself wondering if calling a strip “Strontium Bitch” in 2009 would be as acceptable as it was back in 1992. The word “bitch” has a lot more misogynistic weight to it now than it did as recently as seventeen years ago.

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