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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prog 767

After Michael Fleisher’s string of diabolically bad strips for 2000 AD, you’d have thought that Tharg would have learned his lesson and stopped hiring the established American writers from the seventies to script his thrills and yet, here he is again, this time booking work from Paul Kupperberg. In Trash, British environmental officer Trask travels to New York and independently investigates why all of the plants in Central Park have developed a single, unified intelligence and turned violent.

Nigel Dobbyn provides the artwork for Trash. I’ve always liked the seemingly controlled way that he composes and draws his panels and I imagine that they would look great in black and white. My only criticism is that the colour looks a little bleached to me. It could do with a bit more vibrancy, a bit more zing.

And contuary to my deliberately misleading opening paragraph to this entry, Kupperberg isn’t bad either. He is investing intelligence and humour into the strip, something his American colleague avoids doing to the point of it being stubborn. He even writes an okay British accent. Also, from the point of view of the word count, he’s giving us value for money. In fact, you’ve got to respect the guy coming into the 2000 AD environment at a time when Anglo-Squaxx Dek Thargo American-professionals relations are at an all time low. It must have felt almost hostile to him.

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  • Hey, thanks, Paul. I always kind'a liked TRASH and was thrilled to have sold something to 2000 AD (we were getting copies mailed over by friends in the UK from the very start)...also to get to edit Judge Dredd in the DC Comics run later on, come to think of it.

    Anyway, I never felt hostility (believe, the U.S. comic market was a LOT more hostile to me in those days)...my old mate Richard Burton was editing at the time and he always made me feel welcome. Have to agree with you about Nigel's work too; a really good artisy--I also made it a point to hire him to do a Dredd arc for me for old time's sake.

    Thanks again for the kind words!

    By Blogger Paul Kupperberg, at 6:00 pm  

  • Hi Paul. Thanks for your comment. I hope the deliberately provavcative opening paragraph didn't piss you off too much. The anglo/american hostilities I am referring to are probably entirely in my own mind. I think those of us in the UK who enjoyed fantastical comics felt a special connection to 2000 AD because it was British and before it came along we only had US publishers providing books of that type. 2000 AD was more able to make cultural references that were meaningful to us, I suppose. Because Michael Fleisher's stories for the comic before were, to my mind, unsuccessful, it created this sense that using American creators wasn't necessarily a good idea. But Trash feels at place in the comic and, like I said, your British accent is pretty good which is very rare indeed.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:00 pm  

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